Scary Out of Body Experiences

From: Sara  (
Story type: Out of Body Experience
Location: my house of 13 years
Source: Form Submission
Date submitted: Sat Oct 17 02:14:32 2009

When I first started to "astral project," I had no idea what I was doing, how, or why. This all started when I was 23 and moved into a 100 year old house with my daughter, 3 at the time.

It started by with me having "dreams of flying." I would literally be able to fly in my dreams, and feel a sensation during it. I would dream (as I thought I was doing) of flying down hallways, hallways with bright colors, usually just two colors, with a bunch of doors. When I would try to "wake up" i would feel frozen, paralyzed. I would scream in my mind to wake up and move, but I couldn't. These "flying dreams kept occurring. I would just feel like I would swoop through my window and fly above the trees. I could just tell myself to GO, and there I'd go. I became quite fascinated with this, I went to a physic, and he seemed disappointed almost, and told me, "Honey... That's called Astral Projection. Go get a book on it.

I did. The more I read, the more my experiences changed. The vibrations of my now, "Out of body" experiences were becoming really loud and disturbing. I would start to leave my body and just "float" instead of flying. Everything seemed dark and gray... with like a wave look affect, not to clear. And the more I would try to "fly" the more painful (physically) it would get. I remember once hearing a voice and feeling like I was being stabbed in the side. Or the bottom of me feet would start to be in horrendous pain. My clearest but darkest point was when I left my body, I was still in my bedroom, and I could see my daughter and ME sleeping in my bed. I then started to hear a bunch of children's laughter, then a scary, deep, dark voice say, "THIS IS THE ROOM..." I was so paralyzed, I couldn't wake up. I was then stabbed again in my right side, which would bring me back to my body.

As I read more upon this, I read about the silver cord, which I always felt near by me as I would fly in the beginning. But it seemed like the more I did it, the more danger I was opening myself up to bad spirits. I don't know if I was in their astral plane and they did not like it. I did though learn, to wake myself up from a paralysis state, to tell myself to wiggle my big toe.

I wonder to this day, when I would freely leave, unintendly, what was the really long, bright green and blue hall with all the doors. I was moving too fast to stop to open one. At one point, I was doing this every night, I had to go sleep in the chair to try to keep me NOT from doing it. It comes and goes... When it comes, I just keep telling myself to see the light, and I see like a twinkle light. But I never made it all the way there.

Does anyone feel that this is safe? Because it seemed the more I learned, the worse it got. I barely have this anymore... and when I do, I ask God to protect me with a circle of good spirits and angels. I do not know if it was just the time in my life, the house we just moved into, or possibly opening myself up to spirits when I used a ouija board when I was 16. This is a whole new, scary story in which truly worked. But the spirit was mean and nasty, very hateful. It moved SO fast, my friend and I barely kept our fingers on it.

I'm very interested if anyone has experienced out of body moments similar to mine? Thank you.