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Archive X's extensive and constantly growing collection of true angel stories is completely reader contributed.

Angels are considered to be divine messengers, a being sent by God to impart a message. The message may be as simple as it's not your time, yet. Most of the angel stories on Archive X belong in this category. Some of our stories are about people impossibly rescued from dangerous situations such as car crashes or drowning. Other stories tell how something -- which can only be described as divine intervention -- gently guided someone out of harm's way.

Angels appear in times of crisis -- physical or emotional, and sometimes even appear when summoned. So whether you call them guardian angels, spirit guides, or angel encounters, it doesn't matter. They are all similar protectors. But don't expect them to be clothed all in white and sporting feathery wings, either. Some look just like everyday people. You never know when there are angels among us.

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Definition of angel

1. A typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth. 2. A guardian spirit or guiding influence.

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Surfer Angel
This happened to me in the spring of 1998 while serving in the NAVY as an AW/SAR rescue swimmer. I have not talked about this story very much and I do not come from a religious background. After this incident, I realized that there is in fact a God in heaven and His Angels protect us in many different ways, shapes, and forms. I'm alive today because of this fact.

I was stationed on the Naval Air Station, North Island, Coronado, CA at the time. My roomate, Eric Gonzalez had been trying to get me into body boarding with him on our days off from training. I agreed to give it a try, so he took me to a local thrift store where I purchased a very cheesy styrofoam body board with no leash attached in order to "fit in" with him.

We are Never Alone
My story begins when I was 15 years old. I was walking home from the store with my boyfriend. I had walked this route a million times before. We decided to take the short cut which took us through the church yard and a short wooded area to get to my house. On the road, before getting to the church yard we had walked past a man standing on the side of the road. I remember looking right at him and I felt uncomfortable. He sort of glared at us and didn't look like a pleasant person.

When we were in the church yard, before we arrived to the wooded area that led to my house, we decided to sit and rest and just hang out. We sat there for about 15 minutes. We then got up to head home before it got dark and as we began walking toward the woods I felt what I can only describe at hands on my shoulders trying to stop me. I turned to look but no one was there so I began walking again. Then I heard as clear as day "No do not go this way, take the road home". I turned to my boyfriend and asked him "why" and he just looked at me funny and said "I didn't say anything". I had a uneasy feeling at this point and being 15 and not wanting to appear weird in front of my boyfriend I ignored it and didn't say anything.

Angels on the Battlefield
We flew out on a commercial jet, TTA airlines (affectionately nicknamed Tree Top Airlines) and landed in Ben Hoa after a lengthy flight. What happeened next was prophetic for my year tour of duty in Viet Nam as the base we were to land at was under fire from the VC in the early morning hours. The pilot turned off the cabin lights so we could see the action below and circled the base until the all clear had been given.

Old Guardian Angel, Perhaps?
At the time I was perhaps temporarily prone to hallucinations due to the strong medication I was on. I am also very skeptical of the paranormal, so perhaps the medication really was the explanation for seeing this. Later that evening, I asked my father how an old woman could float down the stairs. He laughed and told me it was not possible.